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Service and Package options

The packages I am offering provides time and money savings for my clients.  If you are interested in purchasing a package, I do suggest you book in for an initial session first so we can discuss what you most likely need.  If you do choose to purchase a package ahead of time we can use the rest of your sessions as maintenance sessions. 

Payment options include Debit, Credit Card, Cash, E-Transfer, or Paypal

First session: This consists of filling out the necessary paperwork, and assessment so I can treat the major areas.  This first session is an important step to figuring out if further sessions are necessary.


New Beginnings

For more chronic issues, sometimes up to 3 sessions are required to solidify the effects of Bowen Therapy.

This is where a package of 3 sessions is useful.  Buy 3 sessions and you get 10% off. This includes the initial assessment and paperwork.


Relieve and Restore

For some people, 1 session or 3 sessions doesn't quite cut it.  If you have some very long standing issues, or your pregnant, or have some fertility issues, these can take longer to address.  5 sessions may be what you need. Buy 5 sessions, receive 15% off.  This package includes the initial assessment and paperwork.


Restore Your