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What Can Bowen Therapy Help part 2

December 2, 2018


This is my blog post on what Bowen Therapy can help part 2 I decided is about menstrual pain.

When I worked in the supplement industry, I came across a lot of women who had painful menstrual cycles.  Bad headaches, bearable to horrible cramps and in some cases flooding periods which then leave you feeling so exhausted you can't get out of bed in the morning. 


Now there is a two fold factor going on with very uncomfortable periods.  One is that most likely there is too much Estrogen in the system, which also most likely means that the Liver is very likely sluggish. The Liver is the main detox avenue of the body so it needs as much support as possible, especially around painful periods.  Mixed in with this, if the Liver is slow, or stagnant and cannot filter and process things properly there tends to be a slow build up.  The Lymphatic system can become congested so your more prone to painful and swollen lymph nodes.

The second issue that is most likely is that there is inflammation and congestion in the pelvic area itself.  


When there is inflammation and congestion in any area of the body, nothing flows very easily and that includes when a woman menstruates.  I've talked to women before who have had fluid build up in a Fallopian tube and PCOS in the other.  The more inflammation and congestion there is the more likely there are to be issues.

The good news is that Bowen Therapy can help.  Bowen Therapy works to shut down the inflammatory response in the body and helps open up any congested areas.  Often when I am working on someone who has a lot of pain in a particular area, when I leave and come back that area is usually quite warm.  Bowen Therapy helps open up circulation and blood flow to the areas being worked on.  


Bowen Therapy also works on structural misalignment. So in the case of people going to the Chiropractor because their vertebra has shifted out of the alignment which then causes headaches, back pain, pelvic pain, etc.  Bowen Therapy helps muscles, tendons and ligaments to relax and "let go" so that area no longer needs to protect itself.  For most people, their body will slowly shift back into place on their own.  

Which means that if there is a Pelvic misalignment issue causing period pain, Bowen Therapy can help that shift, which in turn and help reduce or eliminate the pain altogether.  


If your interested in learning more, or you would like to try a session yourself follow the link to make an appointment:




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