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What Can Bowen Therapy Help part 3 or Bowen Therapy can Help Infertility

December 9, 2018

Hi everyone.  This is the 3rd article, and I think there may be SO many that I may just get rid of the actual count.

Plus I don't think this title is very helpful or informative, so I decided to fix that problem.  It's a Sunday today and the first day off I've really had probably since my last post, but since my last post was about Painful Periods, I felt the need all week to also write about Infertility.


Infertility is a much more common problem now than say 30 years ago.  These are the stats, they are pretty staggering.  "In 1984, the estimated percentage of couples with fertility problems was 5.4%. In 1992, this number increased to 8.5%. And today, the estimated prevalence (total number of couples with infertility) is up to 15.7%."

"Among couples with a female partner aged 40 to 44 years old, the infertility rate is 14.3% to 20.7%. Almost 30 years ago, in 1984, that number was only 4.6%."

So as you can see, this is problem is becoming far more prevalent.  And this issue is now 50% female and 50% male related.  It's no longer just on us woman.  This is also a very touchy subject for those of us who are struggling to build a family the conventional way.  I know, since my husband and I were told years ago we couldn't have children ourselves.  There is no judgement here, I feel your pain.  But it is possible that Bowen Therapy can help you with this.


Depending on what's going on internally, Bowen Therapy can reestablish a wacky period, or a non existent period. 


It can help increase circulation, which is very important when trying to get pregnant.  If your uterus isn't getting proper blood flow because of inflammation or congestion or a misalignment, then this can be improved. 


Also if the lymphatic system is congested that will also cause fertility issues, and Bowen Therapy can help to unclog the lymphatic system and get everything moving.  This is also true for MEN as well, not just women.  


If the Infertility issue is diagnosed, or semi diagnosed as an endocrine problem, Bowen Therapy procedures can help reestablish balance in the hormonal system.  Again, this is just as important for men as it is for women.  


Adrenal exhaustion is a very common problem now and takes a long time to fix, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.  Bowen Therapy helps to deeply stimulate the Kidneys, which the Adrenals sit directly on top of, as well as your Adrenals.  And because Bowen Therapy stimulates function, it will help stimulate sluggish Kidneys and exhausted Adrenals.


A lot of Bowen Therapy procedures have a multi pronged benefit to them, for example, working on ones tailbone may help with reestablishing your menses, but it can also have an effect on your digestion and bladder issues if you have any of those.


Low Libido is another common infertility issue.  We are on overdrive 95% of the time.  If you have unbalanced hormones, congested Liver and Adrenal exhaustion, my guess is your Libido is probably either very low or almost none existent.  This also goes for those people who have Anxiety disorders.  It can be freaking hard to shut down all that intense stress and relax.  There is a Bowen move that can help that.

And as always, this also goes for men, not just women.  


Here is the basic treatment concepts for a woman, just so you understand how this works.

1. If you have an irregular cycle:  Do you get your period every 12 days?  18 days? Comes and goes at will?  Like it disapeeres for 2 months and then, yikes, happens 2 times in 1 month?  This doesn't just happen to menopausal women, this also happens to ladies with other hormonal issues.  Treatment for this is on a WEEKLY basis until a regular 28-ish day cycle is established.

2. If you have a regular cycle:  Does your period basically come like clock work?  28 days on the dot?  30 days? 35 days?  Yes, some of us have longer cycles.  When this is the case, treatment consists of once a month at the onset of your period.


I covered the treatment concepts for women, but of course we should cover the treatment concepts for men, since Infertility is 50% male related.

On the guys end of things, I would treat similarly to their female partner.

1. All the Bowen Moves to stimulate blood flow and hormonal balance would be used as a support every week or every 2 weeks until things began to balance out and the biggest issues are under control.

2. Once things have started to balance out, the treatment would consist of 1 time per month depending on response.  It takes 90 days for male sperm to fully mature, so it will also take longer for a guy to notice a difference.  Depending on what the infertility issue is with the male partner, it could take longer to get results and to get pregnant.


The whole reason I am writing this post today is because the issue is close to my heart.  I know how hard it is, how stressful and how devastating it is.  But I also know there is help out there.  Bowen Therapy does and can help.  And there are a whole bunch of resources out there.  

One of the best ones in terms of supporting your system from the inside diet and nutrition and cleanse wise is:


I love their support, the newsletters, the articles they have to provide education, the shop you can get cleanses from.  They are a fantastic resource.


And if you are interested in booking a Bowen Therapy session with me for you and your significant other you can by clicking








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