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Jaw Problems, Better Known as TMJ and Bowen Therapy

January 15, 2019

Its been a few weeks since I have written anything.  I thought since its the start of the new year I should write an article about the Jaw, or TMJ and what working on it can do and how it can greatly impact everything, as well as symptoms that are associated with misalignment's of your jaw.


I have come across quite a few people who have mentioned they get headaches, even migraines.  Unfortunately, this is a very common complaint for people.  Less commonly people will tell me their jaw clicks when they open it or they can't fully open their mouth without having to wiggle it.  Grinding of the teeth is another common complaint when I ask about jaw issues.  But most people don't even think twice about these problems because they are somewhat irritating but past that don't really seem to cause too much of a problem unlike the nasty headaches a couple times a month.

I want to help people understand why I ask questions about jaw and bite issues when it comes to their headaches, so these are the common symptoms of TMJ disorders.


1.  Headache:  Approximately 80% or so of people with TMJ disorder get headaches, and less than half of those people experience facial pain.  If you open and close your jaw and the pain is worse, getting your jaw worked on is a quick and easy option.


2.  Ear pain:  Half the people with TMJ disorder have ear pain but no sign of an ear infection.  Doctors will happily prescribe antibiotics, which of course won't treat it.  People who have an actual ear infection will have a high temperature, or fever and/or discharge coming out of the ear.


3.  Jaw makes funny sounds:  Grinding, crunching, or popping sounds can be heard upon opening and closing ones jaw and may or may not be associated with pain.


4.  Dizziness:  Some people experience a vague sense of dizziness or imbalance, not quite vertigo though.


5.  Fullness of the ear:  Some people experience muffled, clogged or full ears.


6.  Ringing in the ear or Tinnitus:  For reasons unknown, some people with a TMJ disorder experience what is described as noise or ringing in the ears known as Tinnitus.  For half of these people the Tinnitus will resolve after successful treatment of their TMJ disorder.  Probably because Tinnitus is also not very well understood as of yet.


7.  Trigeminal Neuralgia:  This disorder is related to the misalignment or spasm in and beside the jaw joint and muscles, tendons and especially nerves as there are a lot of nerves in the face itself but more specifically in the jaw.  

If you go to this link https://www.innerbody.com/image/nerv01.html you will see just how many nerves are in and around your face, jaw and cervical spine.  


Bowen Therapy effectively relieves spasm and inflammation in the areas of the muscles, tendons and nerves off the jaw that are responding to stress, injury or misalignment. 

The effectiveness of this treatment is in its ability to help realign what is misaligned and allow your body to let go of its stuck patterns of tension.

To schedule your appointment today go to gpsfitness1.schedulista.com





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